Fogg Bleu Island Body Spray - 120 ml

৳ 440 ৳ 490

**Made in India

-Fogg Bleu island হল একটি ocean সুগন্ধি যা আপনার দিনটিকে 
আরও সুন্দর করে তুলতে পারে।
-সারাদিনে প্রশান্তিদায়ক অভিজ্ঞতা
-রিফ্রেশিং এবং দীর্ঘস্থায়ী সুগন্ধ নিয়ে গঠিত


Unleash the best of you with Fogg Bleu Island Deodorant for Men. The Fogg Bleu Island Body Spray gives you fresh bursts of energy and keeps you feeling refreshed and confident all day long. With Fogg Bleu Body Spray, men can now experience the sweet freshness that a dive in a spectacular blue ocean can offer them on a holiday. Perfect for office-wear, the fragrance of this deodorant will make you feel the dreamy languor that a vacation near an ocean allows you.

  • The new Bleu range from Fogg is a fragrance for men who love the freshness of nature.
  • For someone who loves adventure more than clubbing, these fragrances are just perfect.
  • Fogg Bleu Island  is a ocean fragrance to spruce up your day.
  • Contains warm woody notes that are enveloped in freshness of aqua.
  • Stays on for a long time.
  • Comes in a cool and catchy denim look cover.
  • Soothing experience throughout the day
  • Consists of refreshing and long lasting fragrance
  • Long lasting fragrance
  •  Water based perfume
  •   Neutralises body odours and perspiration

How to Use - Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the can approximately 15cm from your body or clothes as you spray it.





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